Really Good At What You Do
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Really Good At What You Do

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You know how a lot of times, you wonder if you’re doing a good job because people don’t always tell you: you are totally doing a good job? Or you know how sometimes, you think you might’ve done or said the wrong thing at work, and you mentally spiral out about it? I think all of us have been there at some point, and getting a card like this at the time would’ve been awesome.

We all know at least one person who’d appreciate this card. Especially if and when they're having an off day or doubting their ability. Your coworker. The contractor you hired. Your kid’s coach. Your kid’s teachers. Your stay-at-home-parent friend. The mailman. Your dentist. The person who does your hair. Literally anyone with a job. Let them know you see the work they’re doing and you appreciate it – especially if you think they’ve ever doubted their ability. Trust me: it'll make their day.

Inspired by my therapist. :)

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5" x 7" card. Printed on high quality #111 matte cover paper. Comes with a white envelope.

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