What Doesn’t Kill You - Dropkick
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What Doesn’t Kill You - Dropkick

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“‘What doesn’t kill you makes you want to drop-kick everyone who says it makes you stronger.”

Listen, when something horrible happens to someone you care about, odds are, someone else, in an effort to make them feel better, fired off an unhelpful cliche like “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” People mean well. I know.

But as someone who’s been on the receiving end of these cliches myself when things weren’t so hot, I can tell you: when a friend acknowledges these comments, pokes fun at them with you, and instead just hears you out as you work through whatever it is - that’s gold.

As a friend or family member who cares, this card will help you be that gold in a time they need it most.

5" x 7" card. Printed on high quality #111 matte cover paper. Comes with a white envelope.

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