Have You Tried Yoga
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Have You Tried Yoga

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This card is not a dig on yoga, or any of the things mentioned. All of them can be great! Life-changing, even. They're not a magical fix though, for those suffering from chronic pain or illness.

This card, inspired and co-written by my friend, BreAnn Ahara, brings a bit of humor to really shitty situations. It calls out some of the most suggested "treatments" made by friends, family, and strangers-on-the-internet who surely all mean well. But to those on the receiving end, they're often just a reminder that yes, they have tried that and no, unfortunately, it didn't work.

If you know someone fighting whatever it is that's been a real B to diagnose, check in on them with this card. Bonus: it might give them the laugh they really need.

100% of all profits made on this card will go directly to BreAnn and her family.

You can also donate to BreAnn and her family directly, through Venmo; her username is BreAnn-Ahara.

5" x 7" card. Printed on high quality #111 matte cover paper. Comes with a white envelope.

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