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Hey Weegs

2021 Review

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I really didn't think last year's card could would still apply/need an update but here we are!

If you had nothing but great experiences this year, a) I’m super happy for you and b) I’d like to know what rock you’ve been living under.

Inside: “Hoping your 2022 is a five-star experience!”

The card that lets you commiserate with the friend(s) who had it especially rough, whole hopefully sharing a laugh. Featuring a direct quote from my husband Ryan who, when I asked him years back if he wanted to spend the day with me and some of my family members at Disneyland, had that response. 😂

  • 4.25 x 5.5" card.
  • Printed on high quality, thick (100 lb.) matte cover paper.
  • Comes with a white envelope.