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Hey Weegs

JSTDC *Drop-In* Workshop with Gina Hamadey

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Please note that purchasing this workshop does not grant you access to the full JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD Community ($20/month; also includes this workshop).

We know something as simple as a greeting card can turn someone's day around for the better. We know cards bring pause amidst chaos. We know a card can make someone feel seen. They let us know that someone really appreciates us, or something we did. Cards feel GOOD! And they do so much good.

Yet we still. don't. send them. Why?

Well, even as a greeting card designer, I can think of several reasons: we lack the time, we don't always have the card(s), or the right words, or the motivation.

I founded JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD to tackle these reasons head-on. (And because I needed help sending cards more than anyone I know which doesn't exactly look great for my business. But it's true! Sending cards is hard. But SO important.)

JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD is an online community for people who want to get better at sending cards. Because we all know the power cards can have.

When you join our community, you dedicate just twenty bucks a month to being more consistent in your relationships – consistently.

Among LOADS of other perks and bonuses, we'll gather over Zoom once a month for just an hour, and we'll write cards in real time. I'll give you prompts. I'll keep it fun. You'll laugh. You'll love the company we're with. And by the end of the hour, you'll be amazed by how many cards you'll have written.

Join us for the next JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD Monthly Workshop, featuring special guest, author, Gina Hamadey!

We're thrilled to have Gina in our next workshop to lead some prompts! She's also graciously going to stick around for a live Q&A at the end of our workshop (thanks, Gina!), so come ready with any questions! It'll be a great time.

The live workshop will be happening on November 19th at 10am PST / 1pm EST, and a replay link will be sent out afterwards, so you can watch whenever works for you.

An event link will be sent to you following your purchase.