A Vote For Love
A Vote For Love
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A Vote For Love

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While we might feel more divided than ever, one thing I know for sure is: we all could use some love. We could give more of it, receive more of it, and share more of it. This card makes all of that SO easy.

Maybe you've had a blowup with someone recently around politics. Or maybe you've quietly danced around your differences but you both know they exist. Either way, maybe you're looking for a way to smooth things over with that person, and just tell them you (still) love them!

Well, now you have it.

This card addresses the elephant in the room for you. It gives you the script in mending your relationship(s), not by putting politics aside – because that would be the easy way out – but by putting the damn spotlight on those differences and embracing them instead. It serves as a needed reminder for us all: that two halves are what can and DO make a whole (hence, the red and blue coming together to make the purple).

Stock up before Inauguration Day. Or any day, for that matter. ;)
And don't worry, I've checked with several of my Republican friends and asked them how they'd feel if they received this card as Biden enters office... and each of them agreed: they'd love it.
  • 4.25 x 5.5" card.
  • Blank inside.
  • Printed on high quality, thick (100 lb.) matte cover paper.
  • Comes with a white envelope.

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