Who Ar'ya?

Get it?

Am I really making this my first blog post??


My husband and I just recently finished watching the series finale of Game of Thrones (only 8 years behind everyone else, I know. This card explains why it took us so long). Well, at some point between angrily obsessing the entire next day over why things ended the way they did (I mean, BRAN?! Seriously?!)... at some point I thought of this idea for a card, or for something, and it made me laugh. So I sketched it out before I forgot it, which is what you see here.

I honestly don't think I'm going to make anything with this. You'd have to A) watch Game of Thrones, B) be bad at remembering names, and C) appreciate some cheesy humor. A very specific target audience here, I know, which is probably why I'm not going to sell this one.

But if you happen to know someone who fits the bill like me, please, feel free to share!

Just maybe let them know I create other things, too.

- Sarah of house Weeger

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