Just Send The Damn Card - V2

Writing cards doesn't have to be a dreaded task. It can actually be FUN. And it can change your world for good.

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Statement about the current problem

The problem is - there are 3 main problems/hurdles/obstacles keeping you stuck (or whatever)

What you’ve tried, and how that makes you feel

What you’re doing now (hint it’s not working)

Can you imagine?

The secret

The Good News


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Success Roadmap (go from this to that)

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Offer #1

Here’s what you get

By the end of our [timeframe] together, you will walk away with…

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Plus these bonuses

List it all…. Value and pricing

When you implement x, y, z, you can expect to…


I believe we all have a responsibility to pour into our relationships during our precious time on earth, so that we're not laying on our death beds with regret. We just have to be intentional. And send the damn card.

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