"What the heck does 'Bloggish' mean??"

I don't know what to call this page.

Blog, Sketchbook, Notepad, Coupon Codeville?

I plan on using this space to announce coupons and sales (yay!), new products, and company news. I might also talk about why and how certain products came to be. (There's a good story behind lots of them.)

Honestly, this is a totally new venture for me - I've never sold my own designs, let alone run or even worked with a greeting card company - so I have no idea what I'm doing. I plan on being very transparent about all things Hey Weegs though, and what it takes to grow this thing!

On that note.... Squirrel!

AKA a tangent:

The goal here is not to just grow, grow, grow.
Unlike the client work I used to do, this is different.
There are so many great cards out there. I'm not trying to be like any one of them. I'm not trying to be better than them, either. I'm not even trying to compete with them. I'm so, so happy they exist!! I'm rooting for them, because I think every card-maker is doing some good for the world. I'm also excited to start meeting some of the people in this arena. (Shoutout, Emily McDowell! Coffee?)

I just hope my cards are able to give people who struggle to find the right words or way to say something, in a way that sounds like them, a way to connect with those they love.

The more people I can do that for, the better. And if company growth happens because of that, great. But company growth isn't the main objective here. Like I said, this is different for me.

If only 50 people connect 100% with what I'm saying and how I'm saying it, to me, that's way better than thousands of people connecting only sort of with I'm saying.

So that's the goal: As a weirdo, help other weirdos say what they're actually thinking about those they love.

The end!

For now.


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