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JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD (JSTDC) is a community of kind-hearted souls who get together once a month via Zoom to write cards – in real-time. The idea is to help you actually USE the cards in your stash. I (Sarah) lead the group and show up with prompts for those who want them. We also share plenty of ideas with each other around what to say. It's super casual. There's also a private Facebook group where we all share more ideas and helpful resources. The whole idea is to make card-writing SUPER easy, and even lots of fun. $5 a month/workshop holds you accountable to show up (although if you can't make it live, you can always catch the replay).

Basically, this does a LOT of good, is a ton of fun, and you should totally join because we'd love to have you.




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We all mean well. We shop for the card; we take our time finding the right one; we buy it thinking the person will love it and feel loved; and then, well.... we just. don't. send it. For a myriad of reasons! Maybe we lack the time. Maybe we overthink the message because we so badly want it to be perfect that we, ironically, end up with nothing. Or maybe we just lack the motivation to sit down and write it in the first place! Maybe it's a combination of these things. Whatever the reason(s) may be, writing and sending a card sometimes is just...hard.

But it doesn't have to be.

JSTDC makes the process of writing – and ultimately sending – cards a heck lot easier. It even makes it FUN.

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Q: "So what are the workshops like?"

A: They happen via Zoom, once a month, and are usually about an hour. Sometimes we gab and go a little bit over but I really try to keep it to an hour.

Workshop dates and times are posted to the Facebook group in advance, and members get emailed a unique Zoom link a few days beforehand as well.

Then the actual workshops go something like this:

I welcome everyone in, tell them what kinds of and how many cards we'll be writing, help get everyone in the right frame-of-mind to write (maybe this looks like sharing a personal story, or a recent finding on the card-writing topic, or having a guest come in to talk about something/someone worthy of receiving a card), and then we write! I keep slides up for reference/to keep the ideas flowin' for you. After a few quiet minutes, we reconvene, and those who feel up for it share what they're written (which is honestly my favorite part; sharing both brings us all closer together AND helps those who might be feeling stuck on what to write, to get unstuck. It's amazing.) We do several rounds of this – we set the tone, we write, we share – and before you know it, an hour has passed and you've got a stack of cards in front of you that are ready to send.

Q: "Sounds like fun!"

A: Oh, it is.



Q: "I just thought I'd show up and write some cards. Can I still do that? Or do I have to follow that format?"

A: Listen, I don't even follow my own format sometimes. It's whatever works for you.

Some people like having the structure and need a bit more hand-holding, which is why it's there; others (maybe you?) are just looking for some accountability. In that case, you might just want to login, mute me, and get writing (like I'm assuming others do). Either way, I'm here for it.

All I care is that we write and send more cards as a group. That's the whole point of this.

Q: "Cool. But what if I can't make the workshops live?"

A: Noooooo problem. Lots of people can't, which is why I send out replays. I've found that as long as you carve out time to watch the replays, or even part of them, you'll still get LOADS out of this membership.

We also have our private Facebook group with a bunch of good stuff in it, to keep you inspired and writing between the times we meet.

Q: "I'm sorry, why is there a Facebook group?"

A: Uhhhh, because it's AWESOME! Seriously though, I know Facebook can be... well, garbage, frankly, at times. But the JSTDC group is more like... a bright little, sun-shiney spot on the internet instead. That's because we all use it to share lots of card-writing ideas and we support one another in our quests to send more cards. It also makes the workshops a lot more fun because, if you've previously interacted with someone in group, it's a lot more fun to see them in the Zoom. It just makes this even more of a close-knit community and personally, as someone who hates Facebook most of the time, I LOVE our little group.

Side note: when you join the group, please take a minute to introduce yourself! We really want this to be a tight-knit community of nothing but love for one another and for cards. So your introduction goes a long way with this. Feel free to share as much or as little as you want. Bonus points for posting a video introduction!

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Q: "I don't have Facebook and I don't plan on getting it, either... Can/should I still join JSTDC?"

A.: a.) I kind of admire you, and b.) YES!!! Just try to grace us with your presence once a month in the workshop, or at least watch the replays. It'll still be so worth it. Consider the FB group as being a bonus.

Q: "Is there a drop-in fee? I don't really want to sign up for a recurring membership, or subscription. I just want to do a workshop every now and then."

A: Yep! It’s $15. But it’s only five bucks a workshop with a two month minimum subscription, so… 😬





Billing Stuff:

You can cancel any time, your credit card information is securely stored, and you'll be billed each month (unless you cancel, of course) on the date of which you originally purchased your membership.

Signing Up / Cancelling

If you're thinking of signing up, please do so a few days before the next workshop, if possible. Same thing if you're cancelling – just give me a few days' notice if you can (so I have time to update things on my end). Thank you!

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Email me (Sarah) directly: heyweegs@gmail.com


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