Just Send The Damn Card

A community for people who want to send more cards.

Well, as a full-time mom to a four-year-old, a wife, and business owner, I can think of several reasons:

  1. Cards are sort of a pain. (Yeah, I said it.) They take time. Time we probably don’t have in the first place, but either way, they take time.
  2. We don’t always have a card on hand to send. So, maybe we have to go to the store (more time), or wait for a card we got online to arrive (more time, albeit not as much), and then we have to hope it gets to us before it's too late (stress).
  3. And then sometimes, we don’t just know what to say. Even if we have the card, and we even have the time to write it, we don't always know what to say. Real cool.
  4. And THEN – as if that weren't enough – there's the whole... finding the person's address, addressing it, stamping it, and bringing it to the post office or an outgoing mailbox.

So, we resort to a phone call, or a text, or DM, or sometimes: nothing.

We know something as simple as a greeting card can turn someone's day around for the better. We know cards bring pause amidst chaos. We know a card can make someone feel seen. They let us know that someone really appreciates us, or something we did. Cards feel GOOD! And they do so much good.

Yet we still. don't. send them. Why?

It goes back to what we lack: the time, the card(s), the words, the motivation.

That writing cards was fun. That it wasn’t something you dreaded but something you actually looked forward to.

That you had someone cool (…ish 🤓), holding you accountable each month to sit and write a whole bunch of cards, all at once.

That you were surrounded by an entire group of people who, like you, wanted to do better and write more cards?

Imagine how good it would feel just to be surrounded by like-minded people on the same mission – to send more good out into the world, one card at a time - and that you all showed up once a month to write cards together?


IMAGINE the impact something like this would have.

On your relationships. On your friendships. On YOU. Think of the ripple effects that take place throughout your inner circle. Think of the impact they might have on your community. Think of how much better you would feel as a person, to know for certain you're doing your part in this world, and doing something SO GOOD with your time on earth.

Dork, gif lover, bad dancer, wife, mom, and greeting card designer. ...who's also terrible at sending cards. (Not exactly what you'd expect, I know, but it's also precisely why I founded JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD; because I figured if I could do better sending cards, we ALL could do better).

  • Access to our feel-good community, full of other good people who, like you, want to send more cards
  • Access to live card-writing workshops every month with special guests
  • Curated articles and resources to keep you inspired, writing in-between workshops
  • Our Events and Workshops Calendar, conveniently at your fingertips
  • Monthly Discount to Hey Weegs, the card company behind JSTDC
  • Access to the Workshop Replay Library for 24/7 card-writing inspiration
  • Monthly Prompts so you don't have to think about what to say
  • BONUS: Printable cards from Hey Weegs
  • BONUS: Access to Quarterly Pop-Up Events
  • BONUS: "Party-In-An-Inbox" Newsletter each Monday

  • Buying cards is one thing. Sending them is another.

    JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD is an online community from Hey Weegs for people who want to send more cards. Membership is $20/month and includes LOADS of perks and benefits, like monthly card-writing workshops.