Hi! I'm Sarah Weeger.

My closest friends call me Weegs, and I thought I'd use my personal favorite greeting (because it means getting to see them) to name my company.

Before starting Hey Weegs, I worked as a graphic designer and sometimes designed cards for my friends when I couldn’t find just the right card to express what I wanted to say. People often asked me if I made my cards for sale, and while I didn’t at the time, a seed was planted.

Sarah Weeger and daughter Hudson in 2018

Fast forward to the end of 2017, when I became a mom, and was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. As I worked through those difficult months, I realized two things: 1. We don’t always know what to say to someone struggling and 2. There aren't very many cards on the market that address the tough things people go through, in a way that feels authentic and real.

So it became my mission to change that.

I wanted to create cards for people like me who were struggling - cards that made them feel seen, heard, and understood.

Hey Weegs is committed to providing people with cards that let their favorite people know they are there for them; cards that don’t try to fix things with trite clichés, but rather let them know they have someone willing to walk with them through the hard shit.

Today, I offer over 90 designs – cards that tell it like it is – and I’m proud to say that every single one of them was designed with the goal to help create a sense of real, honest connection between two people.

Thank you for being here and for considering buying them.

PS - If there's something specific you'd like to see on a card, please let me know! Simply email me at heyweegs (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sarah Weeger with husband, Ryan Weeger, and daughter, Hudson Weeger
Us, Spring of 2022 :)

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Podcast Appearances

Do You Have A Minute?

January 2020

Shortly after launching Hey Weegs, I share my Postpartum story and some laughs with hosts Allison and Lacey.

The Cathy Heller Show – Don't Keep Your Day Job

January 2021

The host of one of Apple's Top Podcasts, Cathy Heller, coaches me through a period in my business where I was feeling completely stuck (I was enrolled in one of her programs at the time and scored this "hot seat"). We chat about leveraging story to connect with others and grow my business, my own story, and ways to actually grow it while managing my role as a full-time mom.

The Entering Motherhood Podcast

May 2021

Sarah Bilger and I chat about my struggles with PPD and how it helped launch Hey Weegs, along with ways to help a new mom through the hardest parts of early motherhood. 

Ordinary To Badass

June 2021

Marie and I chat about being intentional about our priorities, making room for things we enjoy, and being unapologetically weird.

Embrace. Live. Thrive.

December 2021

I share with Sarah Meyer the moment I realized I needed help in those early days as a mom, plus how to spot signs of Postpartum in yourself or others and ways to be supportive.

Everything About Hey Weegs, Summed in 4 Minutes

I originally made this video to show to retailers/wholesale buyers but thought I'd share it here too because it tells you everything you need to know – who I am, the Why behind Hey Weegs, and how each card comes to be:

  • JUST SEND THE DAMN CARD is an online community from Hey Weegs for people who want to feel more connected. Members get access to card-writing workshops and loads of additional perks and benefits, like Hey Weegs discounts.