Oh hey! Hi. I'm Sarah. I create the products for Hey Weegs. "Weegs" is what my friends call me, so "Hey Weegs" is a personal-favorite greeting - it just always makes me feel good. Probably because I get to see them when I hear it, but I just like it.

I'm not super-great at talking about myself; I ramble a LOT when I'm nervous (kind of like I'm doing now) because I'd much rather hear about you! But I'll share a lil bit more with ya'll, I suppose.

I'm from Southern California and have never said "ya'll" in my life on purpose until just now. I think I'm nervous.

Wow. Reeling it back in....

This is me with my cute little fam. :) My husband, Ryan, myself, and our daughter, Hudson. These two are my world:

I used to be a graphic designer/developer/website-builder-with-my-own-business, helping other business owners with all the creative things. I did that for about 10 years. Then my husband and I had a kid. She's the sweetest and best ever, and almost two. :) I thought I'd be back to work shortly after having her but the first 6 months as a mom for me were rough, to be honest, and I took a longer-than-planned break from work to get through them. Once we got through that, instead of returning to my old "gig", I decided to do something completely different.

Gig. That's not something I say either. Still nervous.

Greeting cards have always been quietly in the background for me – a creative outlet, in addition to my work at the time, and something I'd do for family and friends when I just couldn't find what I was looking for at the store; for whatever reason, cards at the store just didn't sound like me, or like something I would say. So, I'd make my own. Over time, I realized I had a small collection of "originals". Friends and family would also ask me for copies of certain cards to give to their peeps. Does anyone say peeps anymore? No? Cool. Anyway, so I thought I'd give this a shot.

Turns out, I'm obsessed. With the creative process of creating cards, yes, but even more so with the results: Being able to put into words exactly how a person might feel, and seeing the expression on the person's face when they receive that card - that's priceless to me.

So! These are the cards I wish someone had given me when I was struggling; they're the cards that speak for the weirdo in me and hopefully in others; they're the cards I'd like to give in times to celebrate, encourage, and just love on others. That's what I hope they bring to the people in your life, too.

No need to wait for a special occasion (although we have special occasion cards, too).

Take a look around and let me know if there's something specific you'd like to see. Afterall, I'm here to help you make someone's day.

Thanks for visiting,

Sarah Weeger