About Hey Weegs

Our Story
Hi! I'm Sarah Weeger. As a former graphic designer, I often made cards when I couldn't find one in the store that sounded like me. Friends and family often asked if those cards were for sale and while they weren't at the time, a seed was planted. I founded Hey Weegs though in 2017, after becoming a mom and being diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. In that time, and as part of my healing, it became my mission to provide cards to people like me who were struggling – without the trite cliches or unsolicited advice – but cards that were authentic and actually helpful. Hey Weegs has grown to include cards for all occasions, with a soft spot in designing cards for moms in all stages of motherhood.

To help you feel more connected with cards that actually sound like you

A portion of our profits goes to the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, centering Black maternal health, rights and justice.

The Name
When it came time to name my greeting card company, I decided to use my own personal favorite greeting, "Hey Weegs!" – what my closest friends call me – because it means getting to see them. It also serves as a constant reminder of how much I and we value real, tangible connections; way more than a text, a DM or nothing at all.

Hey Weegs cards keep it real. They never try to "fix it"; they simply walk alongside the person as they're going through a thing, instead. They don't dodge the hard topics but instead address them head-on, and always with empathy. Our humor is sometimes dark, very direct, and often dry. We use high-quality card stock and materials to let your recipients know you truly care.

How To Order – 2 Ways:

1. Directly:
Email me at heyweegs@gmail.com and I'll get your order set up. Tell me about your store in addition to the products you'd like – where you're located, your website, and any social media links.

2. On Faire:

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