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Hey Weegs

I Was Told - Jessica Urlichs + Hey Weegs

I Was Told - Jessica Urlichs + Hey Weegs

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The perfect card to give an expecting mom right after hearing word of her pregnancy, at the baby shower, or any time, really. Be there for her in a way she'll never forget, starting with this keepsake card designed in collaboration with poet and author, Jessica Urlichs.

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This card is also a part of our new “Welcome To Motherhood” pack, which includes 6 different cards for each major stage of early motherhood, in one convenient set. 

  • 4.25 x 5.5" card
  • Blank inside
  • Printed on high quality, thick (100 lb.) matte cover paper
  • Comes with a white envelope

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I was told my world would change.
I was told my house would change.
I was told I wouldn't sleep.
I was told I'd lose my sanity and myself.
I was told my body would change
And so would my bank balance.
I was told my life would change.
But they forgot to tell me I would change.
And I did.
In the best way.
Because of you.
Maybe they were saving the best for last.

"I Was Told" © 2020 by Jessica Urlichs. New Zealand.

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