Rejection Collection - Free Printable
Rejection Collection - Free Printable
Rejection Collection - Free Printable

Rejection Collection - Free Printable

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“My insanely awesome Rejection Collection, a list of companies who suck *scratch that* helped me get closer to what’s gooooood”. With designated party time spaces. 

Ever found yourself feeling totally deflated after mustering up the courage to finally pitch an idea, product, service, or extension of yourself in some form or another... just to get rejected? And then bounce back just to do it all over again? And again? And again. And again.... and.... again.... before you find yourself wanting to live in sweats and cry in dark a corner?

I have 😬

Well, NO MORE crying, friends!!! Unless they're tears of joy because you're AWESOME!!!

Introducing this printable. I designed it in a hasty fury after a series of crushing blows came before me, and with one goal in mind: to flip this Rejection Bullshit on its ugly-ass head. To OWN the rejections instead, and frame them as Badges of Honor. Because really, good on us for putting ourselves out there and possibly getting rejected! Rejection is proof that we're actually doing shit!!! That we're moving, evolving, and trying different things instead of staying stagnant. And boring, and bland. And we should be proud of that! So think of this list, and every time you add a name to it, as that proof - proof that you're doing The Things. Scary things. Hard things. Things that take time. And effort, and energy, and determination, and resilience. Things that matter. And don't forget to celebrate doing these things as you go. 

  • 8.5" x 11" PDF
  • Includes both variations - you choose the one you want to use; just print and fold in half
  • Designed to print in landscape at 100% (but don't worry if it's not perfect. The main idea will still be there).
  • Link to download will be sent to you immediately after checkout.

Note: If you're thinking of sharing this with a friend, please point them to this URL instead of just forwarding the file to friends. This helps me track downloads/ popularity so I know which designs should be made into actual products. Thanks!

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