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USPS Appreciation - Free Printable Kit

USPS Appreciation - Free Printable Kit

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Thank your mail carriers, for free, without leaving your house.

"Purchase" your free download to get the PDF link instantly.

The PDF includes 4 pages, all in a convenient letter (8.5" x 11") size:

Page 1.) A full page design - great for displaying on or by your front door where packages get delivered.
Page 2.) A half-fold design - great for writing a sweet note on the inside and/or making a sturdier display, without dealing with an envelope. Or tape it to your mailbox for your favorite postal worker to see and take! Easy and done!
Pages 3. - 4.) A printable card with envelope template - make your own greeting card on the spot! Simply fold the card page in half, twice. Then, cut the solid lines of the envelope template and fold on the dotted lines. I'd recommend folding the side panels in first, then the bottom up (the flap with the curved corners), and the straight flap last.


Printing tips:

Remember these don't have to be perfect! In fact your printer might make it impossible for you to align it perfectly anyway. Oh, printers... But the good news is: the recipient probably won't care about perfect anyway! It's the thought and your message that count. So just keep it simple. Print out your desired design(s) – note: I printed mine at 96% scale, although you may need to play around with your printer's settings – trim if and where needed, and know you're doing a good thing. A great thing, actually. So way to go.


Also available as a card!

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